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Imoni Braz Email

Location: Brasil

How did you find this website? google


Olá sou brasileira, mãe de uma menina com DCC, descobrimos a pouco tempo, em busca de compartilhar informações e trocar experiências criei a página através dela fui encontrando algumas mães de crianças com ACC, porém todo conteúdo na internet sobre ACC é muito vago, e decidi procurar por página em inglês e foi assim que encontrei seu site, gostaria muito de ter mais informações com mães mais experientes principalmente sobre como educar minha filha, espero ser o início de uma amizade!

Imoni Braz a mãe da Juliana 

Mary-Rose Sobieski Email

Location: Vermont

How did you find this website? Searching for information on my sons new diagnosis

My son is 4 1/2 years old and has had developmental delys since i can remember he never hit mile markers like his younger sister has he doesnt speak more than a hand full of distorted words. We went to Dartmouth in Lebanon NH for and mri and i sat and waited for a week still waiting for blood work and was told my son has CACC. I read your "What to expect" and realized this was what ive been going through vor years without a single clue to it being this severe. Im still unsure of my sons future hes in speech therapy occupational therapy has a speech pathologist and is just starting kindergarten this fall. His cousin is in his class and she talks all the time and i see them play together. :'( Ive seen my son bulied had people call him retarded because he is different. I never imagined a diagnosis of this scale never i just thought we had alot of development to catch up on. I am my sons only advocate im a single mother of two beautiful children and one is very unique and special and to see people look at him the way they do tears me up i lay in bed at night wondering why my son why does he deserve this why did god do this to him. Ive questioned before the diagnosis if it was something i was doing wrong and if i could have done something different in his life it wouldnt be like this for him. Im absolutely blank and empty to know there is no one and nothing i can blameor begin to fix. Jaymeson is my angel as his sister Malia-Raisa is too and yet i dont know how to put him back together how to make him all better its not a boo boo mommy can kiss and make all better its not something i can look pastandhope it gets betteri can only pray all that i dois right for him and i doall ican within my power and ability is enough. Please ill take any and all advice i can get i myself am still unsure of what will happen in the future i feel so lost so out of control and helpless.
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